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AnanthaSayanam-Kerala Mural

This is the depiction of "Anantha Sayanam"(Lord Vishnu in sleeping posture) in the kerala mural style. The depiction is an original creation of the artist.

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Rs.108000 (inclusive of taxes)

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    • This depiction can be reproduced in its full detail in a size of 60X36inches(wXh). The smallest size possible for this depiction is 48X24 inches.
    • The depiction is a sample of the creation. Duplication of the creation may vary slightly from the shown sample.
    • The painting can be made available in the mediums of; Acrylic color on canvas, Watercolor on paper, Natural colors treated paper.
    • The price will vary as per the colors used. Natural colors being the highest and Acrylic the lowest.
    • Canvas print of the depicted painting will cost one quarter of the price of the original.

    Kerala tradition in the field of mural painting is evidenced by the murals in temples, palaces and churches. The early mural paintings of Kerala dates back to the period from the 9th to the 12th century A.D. Most of the murals now seen in Kerala temples belong to the period from 15th century onwards. This tradition of painting on walls began in Kerala with the pre-historic rock paintings found in the Anjanad valley of Idukki district. The traditional style mural art form, using natural pigments and vegetable colors, is being revived by a new genre of artists actively involved in researching and re-creating the tradition on canvas with acrylic color.