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Svasty Natural Handmade Bath Soap Set of Red Sandal, Wild Turmeric, Neem & Nalpalmaram 75gms. Each (Set of 4 pack)

Power health pack consisting of 4 natural and handmade soaps made from cosmetic medicinal herbs and virgin coconut oil. 75 gms. each of Neem, Wild Turmeric, Red Sandal, Nalpalmaram.

In Stock,30 piece available.

Rs.250 (inclusive of taxes)

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    • Pure and Handmade Bath Soaps in Virgin Coconut Oil Base consisting of natural cosmetic herbs for skin nourishment and beauty
    • No Animal fat, No added chemicals. Khadi Product
    • Neem, Red sandal, wild Turmeric, and Nalpalmaram are well known traditional herbs for cosmetic purpose, skin nourishment, and rejuvenation
    • All-natural handmade soaps created with 100% pure simple ingredients.