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Svasty Natural Handmade Bath Soap with Nalpalmaram Ficus tree barks combo 75gms. each(Set of 4 pack)

Svasty Natural Nalpalmaram Soap is Pure, Natural & Handmade Bath Soap with 100% Pure Virgin Coconut Oil Base and real Nalpalmaram Powder for a clean and radiant skin.

In Stock,30 piece available.

Rs.250 (inclusive of taxes)

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    • Pure and Natural Handmade Bath Soap in Virgin Coconut Oil
    • No Animal fat, No added chemicals. Khadi Product
    • Nalpamaram is an Ayurvedic combination of four ficus tree barks( Ficus Carica, Ficus Infectoria, Ficus Religiosa & Ficus Bengalensis), it is mainly used in cosmetic treatments, skin problems. Used for post-natal care (reduce pregnancy stretch marks) & also for babies.