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Varsha Chitra

12 paintings based on the months as per the Malayalam Calendar known as Kollavarsha. The subject are the festivals & rituals practised in each month. This is a original creation as visualized by the artist Mr. Sasi K Warrier and done in Kerala mural style. Each painting is 24X30 inches (BXH) in dimension

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    • Varsha Chitra as the painting is titled is a set of 12 paintings based on the Malayalam Calendar months known as the Kollavarsha. The paintings are of size 24X30 inches (BXH) done in Kerala Mural style by Artist Mr. Sasi K Warrier as per his visualization of each month based on the festivals & rituals which are practised since long ago.
    • The paintings are done in Acrylic colors over stretched canvas. The frames as seen the the paintings is an embossed work using moulding paste and designed with each month's zodiac sign on top and sides.
    • The canvas is stretched and glued to a wooden frame in the inside. The paintings can be shipped after removing the frames from the canvas.